•   Been a skeptic of acupuncture, but after my doctor recommended I try for my chronic lower back pain...I can say that now I'm a believer! If you need help with... read more

    thumb Robert K.

      This is a real gem of a place for acupuncture. Dr. Yoon is very knowledgeable and will take the time to find out where your aches and pains are ans... read more

    thumb Reem H.

      Seon was great. It was my first time doing acupuncture. I went in and she verified that my insurance was accepted. I was a bit nervous, but she was ver... read more

    thumb Dorian J.
  •   Seon is a godsend!! Have been under so much stress lately that I decided to go see her based on the reviews. Not sure I would've survived the last month... read more

    thumb Jeff S.

      It's the best place I have ever been too! I truly recommend it. Professional, clean, amazing, nice, the best treatment you could ever ask for!!! Try the Accupuncture or fire... read more

    thumb Jamshid A.

      Cupping therapy has been something that is very effective for me, and I have depended on cupping therapy for many years. But her technique and approach to cupping is different.... read more

    thumb derek w.
  •   Gentle Accupuncture!  I started using accupuncture one year ago to help with my back, neck, and shoulder pain. Seon Mi is the 3rd Accupuncturist that I have tried and she... read more

    thumb Brian G.

      I have gone to about 7 appointments and been very pleased with the results at Nature Acupuncture and Herbs. They take my Blue Shield insurance, there is a 10$ co-pay... read more

    thumb Moira D.

      I've been to many different acupuncture clinics throughout my life due to my dysfunctional stomach. Thus I have a high standard choosing a acupuncturist and can tell if it's a... read more

    thumb Siana P.
  •   My acupuncturist retired and I had to find another one based on Yelp reviews. Thank you for recommending Seon. She's a talented, caring, knowledgeable professional. She gives cupping therapy and... read more

    thumb Elisabeth H.

      Originally found these guys through Yelp! You see, I've been having neck problems for some time now and nothing I had tried was working. I figured, if it worked for... read more

    thumb Maria O.

      Dr. Yoon really helped me. I came to her as a last resort for severe sciatic pain and she was able to help me moves easier with just a couple... read more

    thumb Karina R.
  •   Dr. Yoon was so professional and sweet. I loved getting cupping at her clinic which is very clean and only allows for two clients at a time.

    thumb Sharon V.

      I've been having problems with my shoulder blade area and both arms everyday at work. Someone recommended Seon Mi, so went to see her. I had fire cupping and acupuncture... read more

    thumb Jenny L.

      I had severe neck pain that gradually expanded to my back and chest. My doctor suggested I try acupuncture. I was very hesitant until I got my first treatment. After... read more

    thumb Yen Z.
  •   Acupuncture treatment have been great at helping my headache and neck stiffness. She put some needles on my head, wow, i instantly felt soooo much better. I have been to... read more

    thumb Yeon S.

      Going to this place every week for a few months already and I really like it. It helps me with my pain in low back and leg, and in general... read more

    thumb Katia C.

      Truly a wonderful acupuncturist. Listened to me describe my pain with compassion, was incredibly kind and gentle with inserting the needles and describing what she was doing so I wouldn't... read more

    thumb Ella F.
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