Acupuncture is a traditional or conservative treatment option that requires a health professional to insert thin needles into the skin and stimulate specific body points. The primary objective of acupuncture is to relieve pain and treats an underlying condition. Acupuncture comes from ancient Chinese medicinal practices.

A growing body of research evidence shows that acupuncture can treat many acute and chronic health conditions without causing side effects. It is crucial to consult a qualified acupuncturist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The health provider will examine your body, identify issues, and uses acupuncture techniques based on your needs. Nature Acupuncture & Herbs is a professional health center in Los Angeles, CA, with experienced, qualified, and skilled acupuncturists.

Our acupuncturist will tap needles into your skin’s specific points to improve your health condition’s symptoms. Bear in mind that needles are thin, sterile, and disposable.

Based on your requirements, our acupuncturist will insert needles at different depths to streamline the entire process. An average session lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. Here are the benefits of acupuncture therapy in our clinic in Los Angeles.

Reduces Stress

Acupuncture increases energy levels and blood flow to the brain, causing it to release mood-enhancing hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. At the same time, your brain suppresses cortisol production to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

Relieves Pain

Several studies have concluded the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy for relieving pain, including discomfort, tension, stress, and pain in the neck, shoulder, upper/middle/lower back, sciatic pain, headaches, migraines, and discomfort caused by osteoarthritis.

Instead of using pain-relieving medications, such as NSAIDs, opioids, and narcotics, we recommend undergoing acupuncture therapy to improve your health without adverse effects.

Strengthens the Immune System

A robust immune system prevents external pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, from entering your body. Immunity is critical for strengthening your body and reducing the risk of health conditions, including allergies, inflammation, and infection. Acupuncture increases white blood cells, including T-cells, to enhance the immune response and streamline healing.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Many women experience hormonal imbalances and irregular menstrual cycles. Although you can undergo allopathic treatments, these can cause severe side effects. On the other hand, acupuncture at our clinic can regulate your menstrual cycle, restore periods, and prevent the risk of amenorrhea and metrorrhagia.

Balances the Gut-Brain Axis

Improved gut health is directly proportional to enhanced brain function. Acupuncture balances the gut-brain axis and streamlines the nervous system to alleviate stress and improve digestive processes. It slows down the overactive sympathetic nervous system to improve gastrointestinal functions.

Helps with Weight Loss

Acupuncture is an excellent way to regulate hormone production, optimize metabolic processes, improve digestion, decrease inflammation, boost energy levels, and suppress your appetite. It reduces water retention in your body and balances the homeostatic system to help you lose weight.

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The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved and regulated nontoxic and sterile needles for acupuncture therapy. We have qualified professionals with years of experience in various acupuncture techniques to help you improve your overall health and reduce the risk of conditions caused by internal and external factors. Contact us today for more information on our services in Los Angeles.

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